Having only worked in Nursing homes and Assessment wards for close to twenty years I can see the benefits of caring for loved ones with dementia in their home.  Since I started with Complete Dementia Care and caring for an elderly lady with dementia in her home, I have noticed many differences in both the  level of care provided and the overall benefit to both the client and their family

Nursing our clients with dementia at home as opposed to in a dementia facility allows for a holistic approach to their care with individualised care provided that is specific to their needs. That is, clients can rise and retire when they choose, eat what and when they like and their family and friends can continue to visit their loved ones in a familiar and comfortable environment, with access to support.

Care at home revolves around the client’s needs and not around facilities tight regimes; care provided is consistent with a core group of familiar caregivers providing care on a 1:1 basis as opposed to nursing homes where there are constantly changing staff, and client/staff ratio’s are high.

The individualised care ensures changes in physical, cognitive and behavioural states are dealt with quickly and specific to your loved one, often preventing unnecessary medical complications and ultimately reducing hospital admissions.

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